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Alternative Medicine: BodyTalk Treatment in Boise - Adults & ChildrenWhat Is BodyTalk?
BodyTalk represents a revolutionary new approach to health care. BodyTalk is a comprehensive and dynamically designed system of energy medicine. It works gently to restore the body’s innate ability to heal. The goals of this powerful system are to increase the level of internal communication within the body and to stimulate the body's own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance.

The human body is a very complex system with countless different functions and processes occurring at the same time. The basic underlying premise of the BodyTalk system focuses on synchronizing all of these processes and facilitating communication between the many different systems, organs, and parts of the body. Once communication is re-established and the bodymind complex is synchronized, the body is capable of healing itself at a deep and lasting level.

BodyTalk is a standalone system that can be used to help the bodymind address and resolve many health problems. It can also be seamlessly integrated into any health care system, increasing its effectiveness and promoting faster healing. The major benefits of the BodyTalk system are its effectiveness, simplicity, safety, and ability to work quickly. It is a natural healing system that does not utilize invasive techniques or medications. Instead, it uses your body’s own inherent capabilities.

How Does BodyTalk Work?
The BodyTalk System facilitates improved communication between areas of blockage or weakness so that the body can return to a more balanced state. BodyTalk uses a comprehensive protocol of questions and neuro-muscular biofeedback to identify the areas of impaired communication and link them in the correct sequence in order to restore the body’s ability to heal itself. In this way, multiple imbalances, from mere stress to more serious health disorders, are typically addressed in one session.

The BodyTalk procedure involves the following:

1. Asking the body - By establishing a yes/no communication link between the client and practitioner, the client’s body can direct the practitioner to specific areas which require rebalancing.

2. Prioritizing - In the BodyTalk system, the body’s innate wisdom determines the order in which specific items are to be addressed.

3. Tapping - Gentle tapping on the head is the method that instructs a patient’s higher intelligence to become aware of and repair the communication problem. Tapping on the sternum above the heart stimulates the body’s ability to store the corrected energy pattern in the cellular memory.

BodyTalk Treatment in Boise, Idaho for Athletic Performance Enhancement (Tennis)History of BodyTalk
BodyTalk was first developed by Dr. John Veltheim in 1995. Originally from Australia, John is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, philosopher, Reiki Master, and teacher. His post graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bio-energetic psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, counseling, comparative philosophy and theology.

In 1998 he moved to Sarasota, Florida, to further his practice and research of the BodyTalk system. Today, BodyTalk is taught in 30 countries worldwide with translations in 8 languages.

Commonly Addressed Conditions
Allergies, chronic and acute viruses, infections, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, headaches, learning disorders, ADHD, back and body pain, fears and phobias, emotional disturbances, stress related illnesses, reproductive disorders, and rehabilitation from sports and accidental injuries.

The BodyTalk System can also be used as a very powerful tool in the field of personal development and athletic performance. By releasing self sabotaging belief systems and emotions, the BodyTalk system helps athletes to integrate all aspects of their game and improve performance on all levels. Balancing the biochemistry, physiology, and emotions of the body, while letting go of harmful emotional associations, allows for personal and spiritual growth as well as improved athletic performance.

BodyTalk Treatment in Boise, Idaho for ChildrenIn addition to being helpful for adults, BodyTalk is a very safe and effective method of treatment for children of all ages. There are no side effects with the BodyTalk system and children typically respond very well to this type of treatment.

For more information about BodyTalk and how it can help you, please visit the official BodyTalk website.