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Taking Back Responsibility
By Peter Games, L. Ac.

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Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine in Boise Idaho - Exercise (Trail Running)Although many would prefer to delegate this enormous responsibility of health to other entities with vast resources such as pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, or even government agencies, often times your health concerns may not be their top priority. Furthermore, preventative health care is rarely rewarded in our health insurance system. Insurance companies may pay for stomach stapling surgeries to treat obesity or motorized mobility carts for those whose bodies become too heavy for their bones and joints to support. But they’re slow to fund programs that promote healthy eating and exercise.

This is not to say that medical technology, pharmaceutical drugs, or insurance companies have no place in health care. They certainly do, but they do not hold the ultimate secrets to health and they should not be seen as the primary means by which you seek to attain health in your life. You are most responsible for your own health and the decisions that you make today will affect your health in the future.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly making choices which influence your health. What forms of exercise do you get and how often do you exercise? How much time do you devote to work and how much time do you devote to leisure activities? For leisure activities, are you more likely to watch TV and play on the computer, or are you more likely to walk and play tennis? Do you eat whole, natural foods or highly processed foods Acupuncture & Chinese Nutritional Therapy - Boise Idaho - Applecontaining ingredients that you can’t pronounce? Do you engage in unhealthy behavior such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption? When feeling high stress or fatigue, do you take time out to replenish yourself, or do you push yourself beyond your limits, ending up with some sort of cold or infection, only to rely on costly drugs to keep you functioning? If you willingly accept responsibility for your own health, you may begin to recognize the importance of these choices and make better decisions for yourself.

However, assuming responsibility for your health involves work and sacrifice. Many people are aware that their lifestyle choices are not in their own best interest and yet they make these choices nonetheless, often times for immediate gratification or financial gain. Accepting responsibility for one’s health and acting accordingly is not an easy task. It requires exercising regularly, making healthy dietary choices, investigating the way we give voice to our feelings, and integrating our core beliefs with lifestyle choices. All of this requires effort and discipline.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to accept responsibility for your health or not. That you are still reading this is a sign that you want to make healthy choices and live a healthier life. It boils down to the choices you make, which are impacted by the beliefs that you hold about health and healing. As you explore or even question those beliefs, you may feel drawn to make different choices, not because of a list of resolutions you created, but because you are able to see your truth about health and how important it is, and because you believe that vibrant health is worth the effort. Trust your instincts and take your time as you embark upon your own personal journey to a healthier you.

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